REVIEW: Respite

The aptly titled “Respite” from Kristofor Harris and Lou Frontier follows a single father in his dreary existence in a search for rest and peace. The opening of the book finds the protagonist in a city devoid of human interaction. While suffering through his work day he slips into unconsciousness and is faced with a demonic apparition. The absence of any other characters provides a limbo/purgatory setting as act two finds the father returning home to his only source of joy, his daughter. Act three marks the return of the demon and a starling climax.
Although dark in tone, the dynamic between the father and daughter in act two is very well written and in my opinion accurately mirrors a single parent’s family dynamic. This is great
departure from my typical pull list comic; however, I found the writing to be very thought provoking. In my opinion a good comic should leave the reader questioning their assumptions and wanting more. This comic has succeeded in meeting this goal. The book left me questioning if the protagonist was living in purgatory, cursed to live the same episode over and over. The writing certainly added to this with the demon questioning the father’s reoccurring failures.
I found the art to be complimentary to the writing; the colors provide the sense this book in an astral location. During the second and third act the artist conveys the emotional turmoil of
both the father and daughter well. My only criticism is personally, I prefer greater detailed art style. When I began my comic obsession it was the art and the larger than life depictions
which drew me in. This book doesn’t provide the same kind of feeling.
I must admit; however, I would still add this title to a pull list for at least another issue or two if only to find out whether or not my first impressions were true. If your leanings are more toward the horror genre this title would be a decent choice to add to your list.
Writing: 3 Stars
Art: 2.5 Stars
Created: Kristofor Harris
Art/co-writer: Kristofor Harris
Co-Writer: Lou Frontier
Letters: Alex Giles
Publisher: Headshrinker’s Press
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