Review : Revival # 30

Story By: Tim Seeley
Art By: Mike Norton
Cover By: Jenny Frison
Publisher: Image Comics

G’Day Folks!

This is Dodgy86 in the mix, bringing you another comic book review. Today I will tell you about Revival #30 A Rural Noir by Tim Seeley and art by Emilio Laiso.

In a world where the dead are regenerated back to life and known as ‘Revivers’, still there is justice for those who commit murder.

The Mayor, his wife and a young reporter who are acknowledge Revivers are murdered and the suspect is a man who believes he is a demigod and recites the bible. He is on the run until he finds solitude and is protected by a cult army of those who cull the undead. General Louise Cale has been summoned to bring the man to justice!

I was mesmerized by the beautiful cover….. The art by Laiso is flawless with the facial expressions are distinct with emotions and captivating. The mood is similar to 24 and is paced very well for a single issue. Although this story is based around the Revivers (and the book is called Revival) there was no major emphasis on the un-dead, this is not another Zombie story which is a treat. The characters and the story carry this book.

I love the fact there are characters from different demographics. It’s great to see that not all the characters are Caucasian!

I definitely recommend this read.

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