REVIEW: Rick and Morty #2

Publisher: ONI PRESS INC.
(W) Zac Gorman (A) CJ Cannon, Marc Ellerby (CA) CJ Cannon

When I first heard “Rick and Morty” was being made into a comic I was skeptical. I loved the show (all one season of it thus far). “Rick and Morty”, the cartoon, had me laughing some of the hardest I’d laughed that winter. A genius mostly functionally alcoholic inventor/general “scientist” Rick and his loser grandson Morty go on space adventures and meet all manner of characters. And! The name is Rick SANCHEZ. DOCTOR SANCHEZ. You know, like a Latino name! Awesome; creators of a hilarious piece of entertainment acknowledge our existence casually and not as tools for making a point or as the strained token “ethnic” one; almost as if we are regular people!

But guys. What really kills me is Rick’s burps. Rick burps a lot. His belches liberally sprinkle his indignant rants, heartfelt grandpa/grandson talks and drunken ramblings; each of these abrupt gaseous eruptions perfectly paired with comical flapping lips and dead-eyed stares. I just love when Rick burps.

…which is why I was so worried about how the show would translate to print. It was mostly for naught, though! It is an entertaining read and definitely giggle-inducing. Perhaps if I couldn’t help but compare it to the show I would enjoy this series much more. But this series begs the question of “why? when you’ve got a perfectly wonderful show”, which screams the answer “MONEYYY MILK IT YEEEAAAAAHHH!”. I ain’t mad at them, though. One thing they are doing differently in the comics is using cliffhangers!! I won’t spoil it but now I need to read the third issue for my own peace of mind. I hope the series will continue to rely more on plot where the show can just be nonsensical hilarity. I still love Rick and Morty together “… BELCH Rick and Morty running around and Rick and Morty time, all day long forever…Hundred days, Rick and Morty forever a hundred times. Over and over, Rick and Morty adventures dot com, www…at Rick and Morty dot com, all hundred years. Every minute Rick and Morty dot com…www dot hundred times Rick and Morty dot com…” (an amazing bizarre quote from the end of the pilot).

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