REVIEW: Rick and Morty #5

Author: Zac Gorman
Penciller: CJ Cannon
Inker: Cat Farris
Colorist: Ryan Hill
Backup Artist: Marc Ellerby
Letterer: Crank
Publisher: Oni Press

Rick and Morty #5 follows young and naïve Morty as he leaps the hurdles of a bizarre summer camp (Camp Camperton) and Rick –his drunk, probably insane, scientist uncle who is the surprise new camp counselor –as he mostly just aggravates the situations that Morty finds himself in.

The storytelling in Rick and Morty #5 is quite comical, and right along in the same vein of entertainment as the show. It has a nice, subtle pace, and humor both subtle and obvious. There were several jokes that stirred audible snickers from even my weary carcass, and I could definitely see others with a similarly ironic or dark sense of humor enjoying the title. The art in this title is everything that it needs to be, and once again, a fine reflection of the television series. It is simple and colorful, but with little details that add to the contrasting tone between “lighthearted cartoon” and “dark humor.”

This is something that I’m certain most any of my friends (even those that don’t read comics) would enjoy. It’s the kind of comic I’d leave a hardcopy of on an end table by my couch. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something funny.

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