So before I get into the review, when the hell is season three of this damn show going to air? Google, why don’t you have answer for me! Also, anyone else see that goddamn rick roll vid- no, you know what… I can’t, the anger will consume me.

In the meantime, we have the Rick and Morty comic series to tide us over. It’s there for us, right? Issue #23 in this series lands us smack in the middle of Doofus Jerry trying to take over the universes. Remember the Doofus Jerry from the show? You know, he’s the guy who eats poop. Well the Jerry from his universe decides to be a total dick and try to do what a real Jerry never could – man up. Of course, Rick always has a plan, but executing it without a few snags is a bit of a problem. He decides the best course of action is to build a giant robot of himself and take on Doofus Jerry himself with the rest of his family helping to pilot the ship.

I’m always wary of comic book adaptations from things like Rick and Morty because it has to be spot on, and it was up to Kyle Starks to write the damn thing. For those who are fans of the show, it’s very easy to spot writers who are trying too hard and just being a little too ridiculous to fit into an already ridiculous world. But throwbacks to running jokes and actual bits of lines from the show served the story well, and I found myself doing that laughing out loud thing that I’ve heard so much about. The adult humor was spot on, and it’s very easy to catch yourself reading the dialogue in the character’s voice, which I found was the most fun with Doofus Rick. Gosh, everyone is so mean to him.

CJ Cannon’s illustrations were pretty accurate, though I wouldn’t say they were pulled right from inside a TV, which is a good thing. The story is original, so the drawings should be too. There wasn’t anything that was too out of the box, and I could see Rick’s robot and different panels making an appearance in the show. Katy Farina’s colors are another story, and they match hue for hue with the Rick and Morty show, which I believe is a smart choice. The color pallette is eye-catching already, and I was pleased to see the identical shade of what I like to call “Rick’s Hair Blue”.

The secondary short story entitled “Summer Job” was done entirely by Marc Ellerby save for the lettering which was done by Crank!. Summer gets a summer job which she works during the summer which makes her an unhappy Summer. Plus, Meeseeks, and there is absolutely nothing a Meeseeks can do wrong. It’s a fun little story that is simple and enjoyable and fit in nicely behind the main story.

The cover I feel could have been a bit better, and it’s nothing I would personally be stoked to collect. If I was passing it on the shelf, I would have to really look twice to see that it was something out of the Rick and Morty universe(s), which is a bit disappointing.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it made my shwifty little heart swell with toilet humor and silliness.

Story: 4 Stars
Artwork: 5 Stars
Colors: 5 Stars
Cover: 2 Stars

(W) Kyle Starks, Marc Ellerby (A) Marc Ellerby (A/CA) CJ Cannon

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