REVIEW: Robocop #6

Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Carlos Magno
Colors by Marissa Louie
Published by BOOM! Studios
Release date: December 3, 2014

As the book starts, Robocop is being attacked by an ED-2000x and Killian’s people, as we later learn, to show the world the power of his ED-2000x model and how unnecessary Robocop really is. As the story unfolds, we get a little bit about Killian’s past and what has motivated him to try to destroy Robocop and OCP and take over the city of Detroit. Why Killian’s men choose not to kill Robocop outright is beyond me though as they definitely have him dead to rights at the end of that scene, but they instead decide to leave him be, seriously damaged, but still living. I guess with a book titled Robocop, it would be crazy, if not even impossible, to destroy the main character this soon, but I wish series writer Joshua Williamson would have found a different way to end the scene instead of using Killian’s larger plan as a reason to let Robocop be. If they’re going to destroy him anyway, why not just take care of it right there and then?

Unfortunately, even though the story caught my interest, the art did not. Series artist Carlos Magno does generally do a good job at depicting the characters in this book, the the action scenes felt somewhat flat and uninteresting. My main issue though is with the page layouts and pacing as it can be a little jarring to the reader when switching between different places and threads. Marissa Lousie’s color work is rather good though and the darker color palette suits the feel of these series quite well. There are times when the colors can become muddled in certain environments though but overall a good job from the art team.

Overall, this was a fairly enjoyable issue with plenty of exposition to move the overall plot of the book along. I wish we had seen more of Murphy but Killian’s story is very interesting and definitely looks like it will pay off soon. With a talented creative team, Robocop is shaping up to be a great successor to the Robocop film franchise, but it is not without problems.

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