REVIEW: Rom #4

Marvel did it better. They took a toy “line that consisted of precisely ONE toy and turned into a mythology. This is a watered down, wordy, overly dramatic version of that. It’s worth noting that there is a recap but it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Characters do things that don’t make sense and apparently there’s an easy to save video to your phone that makes it impossible to erase. Does it make the phone indestructible? The plot is OK it just isn’t supported by much it terms of character or script.

The art lacks any real punch and while it’s technically competent everything feels too static and flat, again (like the Prowler) due to the colouring.

ROM is deeply unsatisfying, shallow and if you’ve read the original will make you wasn’t to read it again. IDW have something potentially great and it feels like they are just happy to pull a Fantastic Four just to keep the rights.

Written by Christos Gage, Chris Ryall
Art by David Messina
Published by IDW

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