REVIEW: Route 3 #3

Writer/ Creator: Robert Jeffrey II
Penciller/ Inker: Sean Damien Hill
Colorist: Omi Remalante
Letters: Khari J. Sampson
Cover Artist: Anthony “Antboi” Piper

The final part of the first arc from writer/creator Robert Jeffrey II sees the start of Sean’s acceptance of his situation. It also kind of emphasises where this series is heading, structurally.

On the run from Nathenson and 316, Sean and his mysterious “homeless in a hoodie” helper take a bit of breather, before they plan to move forward once more. However, things don’t go quite to plan leaving Sean with a decision to make.

Writer Robert Jeffrey has created a sort of amalgam of genres and styles in this book.  You have the on the run vibe, the benefactor and a smart mouth kid that comes across a little like Static.  The Static influence is no surprise as Jeffrey is a huge fan (who isn’t?) of Milestone Comics.  The dialogue between Sean and his helper has a realistic feel to it, as anyone who has kids of a certain age can certainly agree.  The fact that Sean has powers and his feelings towards them are a  little carte blanche, but that could be my fault for reading the series from the third issue.

The art is supplied by Sean Damien Hill as are the inks. Hill’s work is for the most part pretty good, there is a level of dynamism when required with a range of panel set ups and content, ranging from close up’s on characters to heavily detailed backgrounds.  My only concern, slight as it  may be, is around faces or more specifically, noses.  A couple of time the close up  features of the panels are a little tarnished by the perspective being a little disjointed.  Omi Remalante is on colors and for the most part does ok.  What sets of the work is the colors and style used to show Sean’s power when it kicks in.

The book, like Jeffrey’s previous work Radio Free Amerika, reads well.  Any stereotype in play is handled straight on, making no excuses, which I like.  I am a little sceptical about the “on the run” style of story.  Maybe it’s my immersion into the Incredible Hulk TV show or newer shows like Orphan Black, that seem to serve no real climax.  Hopefully, under Jeffrey’s stewardship, my fears will be quashed.

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