REVIEW: Rumble #14

By John Arcudi and James Harren, published by Image

After reading the recap (well done!) I quickly caught up with a story that decided to slow down for a bit of action. Demon Queen’s after Ancient War God stuck in a scarecrows body (not sexually) while his original body is possessed by someone else but they’re missing the heart and there’s a sword in this somewhere to and some people who may,  or may not, have magical powers.

Because the onslaught of action is early in the issue it’s hard to invest in the situation or the characters but that’s not the fault of anyone except me for not reading the previous issues. What character moments there are though are pretty sharp and the script is pretty tight so any bits that aren’t action are like a pedophile outside a school gate, remarkably focussed.

The art is fun, the colourist keeps the distinctively designed demons recognizable against the detailed but never busy backgrounds. The animated style makes the action zing and that ever important storytelling stumbles a little in scene shifts but catches itself smartly enough that you don’t lose pace.

Entertaining and doesn’t rely on its whacky stylings to tell its story. 4/5


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