REVIEW: Sadistic #1

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix, bringing you Sadistic # 1 by Kelly Bender with art by Bryant Yini, John Dixon and Kari Kaiju, letters by Alex Giles. Proudly Published by Insane Comics.

Set in the future where fantasies are realities, set in the year 2023 where people have powers do exist. Some of these people use their powers in the name of justice and there are others who are the exception and use it in the name of evil. And there is Sadistic, a menacing figure who cannot die, his purpose on this world is to inflict as much menace as possible to his unfortunate victims.

How can you stop a man who can’t die?

From the start we are exposed to the villainy of Sadistic as he makes examples of his casualties with muffled voice bubbles to give the character a distinctively evil voice which works. Meanwhile there are heroes who are on the hunt to locate Sadistic to prevent future ventures.

From the offset in this book we see the heroes play catch-up whilst the lead character gets away with murder, it’s a matter of where is he and how to stop an immortal from killing his next victims and the heroes need to tread lightly as they are aware of Sadistic’s powers.
This adds suspense to the story by making the heroes act more like detectives that the traditional superhero trait. The mood in this book is dark and eerie, comparable to TV’s The Following and the movie Seven.

The art is questionable in some panels, the appearance of New York and its harbour and buildings look mediocre, however I did not find it distracting from the story. There are some art gems in this book; Yini, Dixon and Kaiju’s style, they are consistent when drawing people and more notably in particular scenes set in the sadistic situations (no pun intended) are truly effective to give you the chills.


This is a first issue in an ongoing series and I’d look forward to the next issue. If you like something different with plenty of violence and gore, do ya’self a favor and check it out.

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