REVIEW: Sally of the Wasteland #3

Sally of the Wasteland: Issue #3
Publisher: Titan Comics
Writer: Victor Gischler
Artist: Tazio Bettin
Letters: Tom Williams


This comic is pretty much everything that I wanted as a pre-teen from movies that my parents wouldn’t let me watch: profanity, nudity, zombies, and violence with blood and guts. It’s great!

Sally of the Wasteland is about a young woman surviving in a post-apocalyptic world where things have become mutated, degraded, and most of all….hungry! But ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t a television series on AMC that takes itself too seriously. This is a comic book!  Sally and her rag-tag team of surviving misfits can dodge mutated cannibals, sling a shotgun, and still sarcastically cuss you out three ways from Sunday!

Plot? Sure, there’s a plot: Get ourselves stuck in a situation where we have to survive and shoot at shit while simultaneously make unsubtle sexual innuendos. This is a man’s comic book, not a daytime soap opera!

The art style is well balanced. Simple and sophisticated. It’s not crazy artistic with cross-hatching details, lens flares and complex textures. However it’s colored brightly enough to catch my attention, and dark enough to match the overall tone of the story. No overly-elaborate backgrounds, but all the shading and highlights make sense.

Long story short, this (in my opinion), is a fantastic “Testosterone” comic. Not too heavy handed on the story, plenty of action and nothing offends my artistic eye. So go ahead, crack open an ice cold beer and have a read.

Rating 3 ½/5


By Tyrone Selby