REVIEW: Satellite Falling #5

Satellite Falling #5 is the last issue of the series, and in a lot of places it shows the strain of rushing to bring the series to a complete end without a lot of hanging plot threads. But despite this, if you’ve read the other four issues you’ll want to pick this up if only to complete the story. If you haven’t read the other issues, you should go to your comic books store and pull them from the back issue shelves before reading this.

The book pick up right where we left off, Lilly is the last being standing and has to protect Satellite against the deadly virus spread by Earthguv agents who want to get rid of all the aliens on Satellite and the humans who live with them. Eva has Lilly under her gun, while Holden’s just been launched out the airlock.

How will they get out of this? With a whole lot of deus ex machina. I am not sure I get what caused the spaceship to take a pot shot at Eva at the right moment.

Plot-wise, this is the weakest book in the series. In what has been an interesting and highly inventive world, this book wraps up the attack on Satellite too easily. It is done mainly to highlight what happens to minor characters. That is a shame because you get the feeling that if he had more time Steve Horton (Strong Arm, Amala’s Blade) would have expanded their stories so they came alive for the reader as much as for the people working on the book.

While the plot disappoints in places, Martin Morazzo’s art and Alex Lozano’s colors really make this book. Morazzo (Nighthawk, Snowfall) gets the expressions on everyone’s face right and the detail work really does all of the world building.

I really do hope that IDW gives Horton another chance to tell more stories set on Satellite. I would like to see what happens when he doesn’t have to suddenly cram everything together. I think this issue could have been great if it had more room to breathe and not have to shortcut itself.

Writer: Steve Horton
Art: Martin Morazzo
Colors: Alex Lozano
Publisher: IDW

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