REVIEW: Savage Dragon # 205

G’Day Dragons!

Dodgy86 is in the mix, bringing you Savage Dragon # 205 by Erick Larsen.

As you know, the second longest running Image behind Spawn, kudos to Mr Larsen to keeping his original creative owned story last so long…

Forgive me if this is the story is a bit weird, our hero Dragon was involved in a threesome (okay!) with his girlfriend Maxine and another friend and it was filmed (not a smart move) and the laptops where the sex-tapes are stored are now stolen (now, that’s stupid!), of course both Dragon and Maxine are uneasy of this as anyone would be. Whilst on his sexual adventures, Dragon is possibly the father to the pregnant Angel’s baby (WTF?)! To add to this, Maxine is also pregnant! (I need counselling, lol)

Who stole these laptops? What evil is out there and what do they hope to achieve by making these tapes viral? Besides pissing off a Dragon?

What the heck was I reading? This story looks more like an immature teen movie rather than a superhero comic. This should be part of the story but this outweighed the entire story.. and really Mr Larsen, Why would we wanna know who the Dragon wants to bang next? I know it’s been 20 years, maybe it’s time to give someone else the writing duties? Keep your art as your artwork is still brilliant!

I’m currently reading the Savage Compendium volume 1 and 2 and feeling let down by this issue! Do ya’self a favour and watch Sex Tape instead!

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