REVIEW: Savage Dragon #215

Savage Dragon issue one was published in 1992. I actually waited at my then local shop in anticipation for the first issue. Sadly most of my collection from this period in my life have been lost due to circumstances beyond my control. I am happy to say twenty-four years later, Savage Dragon still persists with original creator, Erik Larsen, continuing to pump out issues.

The cover of Savage Dragon 215 takes me right back to the dusty LCS of my late teens. I confess I haven’t kept up with many of the titles of my youth but I was pleasantly surprised to see Mr. Larsen still weaves a compelling story which drew me in straightaway. In my absence from regularly reading the title I had concerns I would be out of the story but this was not the case.

The issue opens with Malcolm Dragon debating on providing a blood transfusion to Barry all the while Dart and the Vicious Circle are attempting to procure powerful Krylan recruits. We soon find Malcolm’s triplets have been kidnapped. Dragon is given no choice but to face Dart and the God Sword alone in an attempt to save the children.

I cannot find much I didn’t like about the issue. I enjoy the panel changes with the larger count feeling more personal/informational and the switch in the action scenes. I chuckled at the comical banter over the triplets names from Huey, Dewy and Louise to Adolf, Ebenezer and Isis. I still find Erik’s work to be enjoyable, although a few depictions of Malcolm’s face appeared somewhat muted, this is hardly a major criticism. The colors provided by Nikos Koutsis are brilliant and the lettering fits nicely.


I applaud the long running title from Mr. Larsen and Image and recommend picking it up even if you have not been consistently following the title for 24 years.  It served as a nice bit of nostalgia for me and as I combed through some old short boxes I found a few of the Images titles from the 90’s and atop one of the boxes was a sketch by my brother, which I though was fitting to include.

File Jul 26, 9 25 15 PM

Art:  3.5
Story:  4

(W) Erik Larsen (A/CA) Erik Larsen


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