REVIEW: Savage Dragon #217

Hey Spawn’s in this! I used to love Spawn before it took itself too seriously. Why is he teaming up with Savage…oh sorry SON of Savage Dragon? Ah to catch a guy. There’s a young lady dressed like a big red Ant, what’s her story? Fuck knows, it’s a Superhero pile on and it’s OK.

This falls under the “if you like this you already read it if you don’t you never will” category. But with 217 issues in and well, well done Mister Larsen. His art is an acquired taste it borders on Milleresque with its weird angular anatomy but there’s no denying the dynamic oomph of his action sequence. The characters actually feel unconformable standing still.

There’s also a lot of speech making when the characters have a little rest after slaughtering some goons which should be utter crap and a bit on the nose but to be honest the point it makes may be an old one but it is well worth reiterating in this day and age.

So yeah, pure mad nineties fun, here’s to you and another 217 issues mister Larsen.

By Erik Larsen, published by Image

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