REVIEW: Savage Dragon #224

I’ve never read a Savage Dragon comic before and now I’m disappointed in myself as a comic reader for not reading it sooner. Savage Dragon issue 224 is a roller coaster with the wheels coming off! I mean what a ride! Are they all like this? Wait who am I talking too? You’re reading this so never mind and back to this crazy awesome comic that has me questioning my comic sanity. Written, drawn and created by Erik Larsen, Savage Dragon has been hitting shelves since I was a kid in the 80’s. He’s been doing this for close to forty years now!?!? That’s dedication. With the writing freedom he has nowadays I bet he’s really enjoying his work. I know I sure am!

The issue opens up with pure chaotic action. There’s fighting everywhere and punches thrown, bodies being pummeled and Dragon and team are trying to make sense of the situation. Mr. Glum has been busy merging the multiverse together in order to get one specific outcome and he’s really messing things up. To see all these alternative realities and possibilities is one of my favorite things to see in a comic book. Taking characters we all know and love and throwing them into “would haves” and “what if’s”. I think that’s great moment for the readers and writer. To explore the unknown. Dragon gets a ton of it in this issue. As he changes from wife to wife, battle to battle, memory to memory, and universe to universe, Larsen does a wonderful job of montaging a brief history of each Dragon multiverse in just a few short panels. These are busy panels too readers. You’ll want to read this issue a few times just to catch-all the explosive detail every page, heck every panel holds.

With plenty of action to satisfy any comic reader, Savage Dragon 224 is my jumping on point of this character and story. Almost forty years too late is never too late, but I’m glad I got the chance to read this issue. It’s good readers. If it pulled me into a character that I’ve heard of but never read before and got me instantly hooked, just think what it will do for you. It’s a busy comic that will keep you turning those pages at a nice slow pace to really take in what this book really is. It’s history. It’s a perfected art of being on shelves almost forty years. It’s a craft that Erik Larsen has honed over so much time. What more can we ask for as readers? Savage Dragon #224 gets five out of five stars!!

Story / Art / Cover: Erik Larsen

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