REVIEW: Savage Things #3

Have you ever walked into the wrong movie at the movie theater and was so compelled by the action that you just sat down and started watching it? Though it’s a good hour already into the movie and also not the movie you came to see? That’s what we have here with Savage Things #3. Written by Justin Jordan and orchestrated by him as well. I felt like I was watching a movie with this issue. I have not read the first two but like any good action packed story, you can walk in at any point, sit down, and barely get the popcorn in your mouth because you’re so captivated by the story. This comic has everything! Car chases, explosions, shootings, crazy villains, insane hand to hand combat, and someone even gets stabbed in the mouth!

The tail starts off with a flashback of old friends doing to crazy things that kids shouldn’t do. Obviously this wasn’t a normal school for normal kids. But according to fine research, was a school funded by the government to kidnap and raise kids to be killers and be very good and proficient at it. Fast forward to present day we are presented with a fresh page and a count down via panel by panel. Does anyone else get excited by panel by panel count down in comics? No just me? Okay we’re moving on. Now the countdown has completed, we are shown a full-page of these just brutal killings, like movie style. Its intense and violent and crazy. If you like violence this comic is for you. There’s no short of it. Cain (who has gone rogue from the program), is our villain, has a plan and its chaos crazy scale crazy. Abel who used to be apart of the crazy “build a killer” program is now helping the government track down the rogues and stop them. Teamed up with Kira (clever partner) they go after Cain and his crazy like-minded group of rouges.

Cain who is a classic movie bad guy leaves a trail of breadcrumbs (explosive breadcrumbs) for Abel to follow. Kira finds Cain first and she is no novice to fighting as her and Abel then bring the fight. This fight is like watching a summer action movie where every punch thrown every maneuver countered makes you cringe, but in a good way. Cain is no pushover taking his licks and giving some of his own. With the issue closing out and me wanting way more than the few pages given, Cain presses the button that shuts off the city. Furthering his plan more to the final pay off. What’s his endgame?? What’s going to happen next??? I yell these to the final page of the comic because there isn’t any of this action packed story left.

This comic reads fast. Jordan keeps the action at a nice rolling down hill pace as we all come along for the ride. Ibrahim Moustafa keeps the action alive by drawing out Jordan’s vision of this book wonderfully. The violence has an eerie gore to it that just goes hand in hand with the written story. If you enjoy fast paced action, this comic just punched itself into your life. I for one am glad I wondered into this movie/comic and will be back for more. Pass the popcorn. Savage things number 3 gets five out of five stars and plenty of “F” bombs to spare!

(W) Justin Jordan (A) Ibrahim Moustafa (CA) John Paul Leon

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