REVIEW: Scarlet Witch #12

Nice to see James Robinson doing something he’s good at, turning a hot mess into a hot topic. He did it with the JSA, now he’s doing it with Scarlet Witch. It’s a bit talky, a bit exposition-y, but there’s cool flashbacks that keep it all interesting and the script is focused with some nice sprinkles of light-hearted reverie, and a demon fight thrown in randomly that doesn’t feel TOO squeezed in for the sake of an action scene.

The arts a bit angular and weird but it all works on a technical level and Scarlet Witch’s costume is bloody awful except for the Alice band. There’s also some nice classic compositions in the flashback panels.

On the whole I think I got the catch up/flashback/revised history/expository issue and it was quite good. Well done Mr Robinson.

Written by James Robinson, Art by Annapaola Martello, Matt Yackey, & Cory Petit, Published by Marvel

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