REVIEW: Scarlet Witch #13

I’m thinking about doing a column about the benefits of editors. This is a controlled introduction to chaos as Wanda battles her way along the witches road in a perfectly balanced issue. Robinson interweaves snappy dialogue with interesting introspection and simple character building. The opening scene actually pays off later in the book and the comic itself stands well alone with enough of a hook at the end to keep you invested.

The art is a fascinating blend of collage and sharp line work and while the setting of the story is twisted through a mashup of fish bones and rainbows the characters still feel grounded, anchoring the reader through them. There’s a very cool trip through memory lane that is played out fantastically, it’s done simply and is twice as effective because of that.

It feels like an Image book, but with better structure and composure, I’ve never really given a crap about Wanda, but this comic changed that. 4.8/5

Written by James Robinson
Art by Jonathan Marks Barravecchia and Rachelle Rosenberg
Published by Marvel Comics

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