REVIEW: Scarlet Witch #14

I enjoyed the last issue of this I read and while I enjoyed this one it had a few more stumbling points. Wanda and company come to the conclusion of their current adventure and while it’s suitably massive in concept it feels a bit rushed in execution. Certain plot points feel irrelevant, like a fight with some aimless ones and Wanda’s aging but over all the plot makes as much sense as it can when it involves magic.

The pencils feel a bit over quirky for the book, exaggerated faces and anatomy stray a little too far up the cartoon spectrum for the weight of the events but the story telling and over all designs of the witchcraft realm are superb and combined with Brunner’s colours put this on parr with the early Dr Strange books.

The cover also gets a mention, being effecting and eye catching, this should be the cover on the trade.

Still a strong comic, just feels a bit like a sprint for the finish line but no one else is running.

Written by James Robinson
Art by Shawn Crystal and Chris Brunner

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