REVIEW: Scarlett Couture: Project Stardust #3 (of 4)

COVER BY: Des Taylor
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics

Issue three of my favourite comic book red head, sees Scarlett up to her designer neckline in trouble on a seek and retrieve mission. In order to solve the murder of Valarie Rosario’s she needs to infiltrate the office of Dante Ramon to collect a memory stick, which should in theory give her all the answers.  Along for the ride are Sapphire and Stone along with her “date” Trent Wayland.

couture 1The book is the a mix of James Bond, but in this case, it’s the ladies that are the main stars.  That doesn’t mean that the guys just sit back in watch.  Its all hands on deck as Scarlett and Trent tackle their respective dancing partners.  The strength of the book is the pop art style of Des Taylor, which is effective in emphasizing Scarlett’s attributes, something which the heroine herself recognises.  It’s this sense of fun that is somewhat refreshing from the usual debate around how women are portrayed in books.  Scarlett is hot, she knows she is hot and is happy to use that to her advantage.  Behind the glorious artwork, you also have a strong script with excellent dialogue from all the characters, proving that there is more to the book than just the pretty graphics.

Issue three goes a long way to restore my faith in the book.  Despite a couple of really cool elements, book two had me wondering if this would be a book of little substance.  Des Taylor clearly has a love for all things spy.  There are acronyms, gadgets and secrets.  On top of that, we have exotic locations, good looking people and secrets to boot.

I really like this book.  I like the fun element, I like the pop culture feel to it and I like how it looks and how it reads.  It frustrates me no end, that my local comic book store doesn’t carry this book and as such s missing a potential larger readership.  If Des Taylor’s work continues to find an audience on Face Book, it follows that Scarlett Couture should also find a larger fan base



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