REVIEW: Scarlett Couture: Project Stardust #4

PUBLISHER: Titan Comics
ON SALE: July 29

So, the last issue of this unique series goes out with a bang, then another bang and finally a bang!

Things start out a little tricky for Scarlett, swimming with sharks, and for once, not want to garner any attention. Once that obstacle is cleared its back to the boat and then the fun really begins. Catching up with Trent sees the pair move closer to their target, albeit in not quite the manner they expected.

Des Taylor is having fun with Scarlett and her crowd. I have mentioned the influences on show previously, and this issue is no exception with traps, gadgets, escapes and monologue-ing villains. Now this type of affair may not be for everyone, but if you keep an open mind, and just immerse yourself in Scarlett’s world you will find the retro style art and writing refreshing in a world that can seem so samey with very little innovation.

The script moves along from set piece to set piece at a fair pace, with the pop art style helping with the overall flow and pace of the book. Even as you get to the end, and seeds are sown for the next series with quite a bit of dialogue the overall pace is not affected.

The art is as fantastic as you would expect from Taylor. The style remains consistent in this issue, showing Scarlett in a variety of situations allowing Taylor to show his love for all things spy. The colors used add to the overall feel of the book.

Looking back at the whole run, the series has been a lot of fun from start to finish. Taylor has managed to transfer his art style from pin-up pieces into a coherent story that fleshes out his characters within a fast moving environment. The art should be no surprise to anyone who has seen Taylor’s work previously. The writing has been more of a surprise with James Bond style antics coupled with some great script elements which helps strengthen the whole structure and feel of the book.

With plans afoot for a second series (see the interview section for a chat with Des Taylor), Scarlett is definitely heading for the Fall Season on the comic book catwalk.

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