REVIEW: Scooby Apocalypse and Hannah Barbera Preview Edition #1

This free issue is a preview edition for the re-launched Hanna Barbera line of comics from DC. The first graphic novels will be hitting the shelves during the first quarter of 2017 and DC wants to get as many fans involved as possible. The Barbera launch has been a dazzling hit for DC. With the revamped Scooby-Doo title garnering tons of outside press. While the gang from Mystery Inc. may be scooping up most of the headlines the other titles included are nothing to sneeze at.

In this preview sampler you get 6-8 pages of art from the first issues of four titles that will be collected early next year. You get the previously mention Scooby title, a look at Future Quest, Wacky Raceland, and the Flintstones. Two of the trades will drop in Feb. (Scooby and Future Quest) while the other two trades will come out in March (Raceland and The Flintstones)

Scooby Apocalypse #1
Story/Art: Various

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