REVIEW: Second Sight #3

The plot continues to thicken, in the third issue of this supernatural thriller from AfterShock Comics.

Ray Pilgrim is getting more involved.  Seeing another death, means edging more out of the shadows, reconnecting with colleagues long gone, whilst building bridges to new acquaintances.  Driven in part by his daughter, Ray continues to look into the dangers of the Wednesday Club.

Creator and David Hine is taking his time with this series.  Three issues in and it still seems that we are in story set-up territory with small revelations being laid out for the reader, leading us to make potential conclusions, which may bear fruit.  There are clear indications as to the big bad and a number of connections; I personally hope that there is a few more twists to come.  Hine writes in a compelling way.  No words are wasted, half covered topics of conversations build on the emotional pull that shows what  these characters mean to each other, cementing their back story with an air of consideration for their own past and feelings.  In addition, Hine uses one of Al Mega’s favourite English swear words, so truly there is something in the book for everyone.

Alberto Ponticelli provides another fantastic issue, art wise.  I have mentioned the influence shown in his work in previous reviews, but even though those influences can still be seen, there seems to be a greater depth to Ponticelli’s art in this issue.  There is a lot going on in various locations, yet Ponticelli handles each one well, giving the book a real world feeling similar to the way the dialogue works between characters.  Colorist John Kalisz has his job cut out for him with sewers, cafés and a bus journey amongst other venues where a level of texture is required.  Kalisz skills is that the contrast between some of the situations is more complex than just light and dark., especially as there is a darkness of motivation to try to visualize.

For all the good things that Hine and Ponticelli both bring to this book, I am starting to hope that we start get some answers to the myriad of questions that have been asked.  Sooner or later, there has to be a punchline and hopefully, we are going to get a doozy.  For those readers who lament the passing of John Constantine as a Vertigo character, Second Sight could be a book that you should be reading.

Words – 5 Stars
Art – 4.5 Stars
Colors – 5 Stars

Written by David Hine
Art by Alberto Ponticelli
Colored by John Kalisz
Cover by Alberto Ponticelli
Publisher: AfterShock Comics
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