REVIEW: Secret Empire #1

HAIL HYDRA!!!!!! The Marvel Universe has been flipped upside down once again in another company wide story arc called Secret Empire. Now most people think Marvel has been doing this way to much lately, but I for one happen to personally enjoy massive events where multiple characters are involved.

In the number one issue of Secret Empire it begins with a boy talking to his older brother in the car before he goes into school, he talks about a bully taking his Captain America lunchbox from him and his older brother promises to get him another one before the boy gets out of the car. The next scene shows a teacher in front of the little boys class teaching a new lesson plan provided by Hydra, which altered a majority of American history. The same bully then tells the teacher that there is something different about the boys brother and it cuts to a scene of the older brother puking up a brand new Captain America lunch box, I am guessing this is his weird super power which I think is a horrible power to have. Then Hydra police bust in calling him an Inhuman and placing him under arrest.

Captain Marvel is trapped outside the earth by some sort of force field that is being called the shield. Her and a few other heroes are battling an onslaught of a Chitauri invasion force.

In Las Vegas a new young group of heroes has formed known as the champions and are searching for any information to stop hydra. That team is being led by the experience of Black Widow and Hawkeye. Rick Jones has been captured and is being held by Captain America, but is still managing to leak information.

Can the new young Marvel heroes topple Hydra, turn Captain America back into the super soldier they love and save the entire world while stopping a Chitauri invasion force?

There are very few things that I found I did not like about the first issue of the Secret Empire. The first one is really more of a personal problem than anything that I think is wrong with the issue, I am not a fan of the new Hulk at all, Amadeus Cho, it’s not the character that I don’t like it’s really the fact of how fast that Bruce Banner was replaced. I just don’t think a character like the hulk should even be replaceable.(just my opinion probably not shared by to many people). The other thing is that I think Captain America should have a different costume, maybe something more hydra like maybe just change the colors to show that he is the leader and committed totally to the cause.

The things I liked about this issue is almost to many to list. Nick Spencer is a phenomenal writer and it really showed in the opening issue of this massive story arc that he has constructed, it flowed seamlessly and felt that he knew the characters involved and nothing seemed rushed or put together badly even the little things seemed important. Steve McNiven’s artwork was outstanding as usual and with this series I feel he will solidify his powerhouse status in the comic book industry.

The characters involved are perfect, Hydra command came off exactly like they should, a government organization. I really thought the new curriculum they introduced into the school system was a huge step and could have lasting repercussions in the Marvel universe if they choose it to. The whole cast including the obscure Hydra command characters seem to be a really good move for Marvel especially if they want to introduce a younger cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

5 out of 5 stars outstanding storytelling and flawless artwork seemingly a perfect comic book in my opinion.

Secret Empire #1
Writer- Nick Spencer
Artist- Steve McNiven
Cover- Mark Brooks
Variant covers- Multiple artists

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