REVIEW: Secret Wars: Battleworld #4

Silver Surfer vs Galactus
By James Stokoe

Silver Surfer vs Maestro
Writer – Peter David
Art – Daniel Valadez
Colour – David Curiel
Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

Let’s judge this book by its cover…Silver Surfer vs old man Hulk. Simple but it shows what’s gonna happen inside the book. It doesn’t grab your attention, scanning the shelves at your local comic book store your eye wouldn’t wonder to it.

The facts are these… Secret Wars has destroyed the multiverse all that’s left is Battleworld! Random versions of heroes and villains must join together to defeat it’s ruler Dr. Doom!!

If you’re sitting comfortably we can begin… In the first story we see silver surfer in ancient Egypt working with juggernaut to trap and kill a giant crocodile for food. Sharing the spoils surfer takes his leave back to his village where a very hungry Galactus has killed all of his people. Surfer fights his master and kills him. That’s the end of that.
In the next story we meet Maestro an ageing Hulk who seems to be a king or master of sorts. A member Of his guard informs him that the silver surfer is breaking into his vault. This does not sit well with the hulk. Facing off against the surfer the hulk tells him he cannot have his board back. It’s almost funny how little the surfer cares as he back hands the hulk with ease and takes his board. That’s the end of that.

Both of these stories are very short and seem little more then filler in a book that doesn’t even really need to printed. The art in each story is so different that it’s a little off putting. In no way is the art bad. Both art types are gorgeous it’s just that side by side they don’t go together.

That’ll leave a mark… The fight between surfer and hulk is quite amusing. The hulk thinks he’s so powerful yet is knocked about by the surfer without effort. The juggernaut fighting the crocodile is drawn beautifully well. Both stories have fight scenes but are too short to really enjoy.

The Good, the Bad and the Star rating…
The Good – Art in both stories.
The Bad – Stories are not very good. I’m not a surfer fan however so if you are if might be better suited to you.
The stars – This only gets a 1 star for the artwork. If not for that it would be lower.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

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