REVIEW: Self Storage #1

Self Storage #1
Written and created by Clay Mcleod Chapman
Art by Matt Timson
Edited by David Forrest

Let’s judge this book by its cover… This could take some time because I luuuuuurve this cover. The art is gorgeous and the layout of the scene is just perfect. It’s very Left 4 Dead looking and that works for me. The colours are done amazingly with the dingy dirty colours working so well.

It’s storage wars meets the walking dead in an interesting take on the undead. Without giving anything away that’s not already obvious from the cover and title. The lead character Chris is likable and the supporting cast add comedy and what I’m sure will be cannon fodder. The build up is great, the suspense each time they pass the locker has you turning the page quicker to see if they open it. Interesting and gripping for a fan of both really bad reality TV and Zombies. Granted the inside pages could be mistaken for the walking dead comics with its lack of colour and the tones. But this book has the potential to stand very much on it’s on.

As soon as I saw this cover I wanted to read this book and once I read the synopsis it made me want to read it even more. Sadly it’s only 6 issues but if the next 5 are as good as issue 1 fingers crossed it’ll be getting a second series. I cannot wait to read issue 2.

This one slides easily into my hall of fives with 5 solid stars.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

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