REVIEW: Self Storage #3

Self Storage #3
Written and Created by Clay McLeod Chapman
Illustrated by Matt Timson
Letters by Eugenio Perez Jr.

DAWN OF COMICS 100TH REVIEW! Check me out lol

Let’s judge this book by its cover… This is the only cover of the series that doesn’t scream Zombies, not to say it’s bad, it’s just not as good as issues 1 & 2.

With Chris searching for answers as to who the girl in the locker is, Stan and Jimmy are left in charge of keeping an eye on the newly Zombiefied Walt. At the home of Dr. Ferryman, Chris learns from his widow, that the woman in the locker is the reanimated corpse of their daughter Jessica. Back at the storage lockers Stan and Jimmy are playing target practice with Walt when a family arrives for some items from their locker. Walt attacks and Stan and Jimmy makes matters worse. With questions slowly being answered and more zombies being created we seem to be building to very big final act to this great story.

I’ve rattled on about my love for this title in my last two reviews as well and I’m glad this issue didn’t let me down for my 100th review. 451 media comics also come with a Touch Code card that unlocks extra content online simply by touching it to your smart phone screen.


Extras include free digital comics and bonus concept art.

This remains a 5 star book. There has been no dip in quality since the first page of issue one. Outstanding book.

5-stars Crown

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