REVIEW: Self Storage #5

My love for this title has not wavered since issue 1 (for all my swooning check out my previous reviews for issues 1-3) as we near the final issue we have so much to recap but I will try to be quick.
So Chris buys storage lockers for a living and purchases locker 83 only to find a naked woman inside, Chris wants to help this poor girl and try’s to get through to her, the owner of the storage company Walt finds out about the girl and goes to investigate when she attacks him and turns him into a brainless Zombie and that’s when all hell breaks loose, as customers come to check on their lockers they’re bitten by Walt and turned themselves, with no choice Chris and his friends lock the Zombies in lockers while trying to figure out what happened. Locating the original owner of locker 83 and finding out the girl inside is named Jessica and the Daughter of the owner who died 10 years ago, her father was not ready to say good-bye and reanimated his daughter into a flesh-eating creature. Now with more than a half-dozen Zombies locked in units Chris and pals try to keep things under wraps. Failing to save a family of three and one of his friends from monsters inside the lockers Chris is having a really bad time when his girlfriend shows up and finds out what he’s been hiding in Locker 83.

This issues makes me sad because I know the next issue is the last, it’s my single most looked forward title each month and I’m going to miss it when it ends. The art has been flawless throughout the run, with its choice of shade over colour making each panel stand out with amazing clarity. The characters are fun, each having a completely different personality and each bringing something to the table from Chris with his gentle, caring persona that makes him likable and relatable to Stan who only cares about money and how to use this situation to get rich, each feel human and flawed which is why you root for them.

The comedy moments are so cleverly placed that you don’t expect to laugh when you see a small boys head ripped from his shoulders because of a characters simple mistake.
They try to that’s all you can ask in a Zombie Apocalypse. As the storage lockers fill and space runs out the Zombies won’t stay stored away for long, fingers crossed for a self storage season two with a lot more deaths, a lot more Zombies and lot more Comedy from Chris and pals.

Chris might not be Rick Grimes but damn if he’s not trying his darndest to stop the Apocalypse before it happens. 5 stars for this and every issue before it.

Self Storage #5
Written and Created by Clay McLeod Chapman
Illustrated by Matt Timson
Letters by Eugenio Perez Jr.
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