REVIEW: Self Storage #6

This has to be my saddest review to date, The end of my favourite title. I know it was only a mini series and that it had to end some time but it still leaves me feeling sad that I won’t get any more issues of this truly amazing title. Fingers (and toes) crossed for a second series in the near future.

Spoiler free for this issue but spoilers for issues 1-3, 5 as I recap the story so far. (see below)

Chris is a storage hunter that buys abandoned storage lockers dirt cheap until he comes across a locker with an actual female Zombie inside, rather than running for the hills he keeps it a secret and begins to fall in love with the young woman. Learning her name is Jessica and she was bought back to life (somewhat) by her scientist father she has been kept in this locker for years. Slowly one by one Chris’s friends are bitten by Jessica and transformed themselves into the undead. Seeing a way to make money one of Chris’s friends comes up with a Zombie shooting gallery for the rich and begins raking in the dough, as owners of other lockers arrive to check their belongings they too fall victim to Jessica and her ever-growing hoard.

While Chris is learning of the tragedy that was Jessica’s life from her mother he lets slip that Jessica has been inside a locker for years and the mother decides it’s time to take her home with her.
This issue packs quite the emotional wallop as we see just how much Chris has fallen for this poor young woman who had no choice in what she has become. As sad as I am about not only this being the final issue but the ending itself I’m grateful I had the opportunity to read something of this high quality.

The art is some of the most beautiful I’ve seen with shade used over colour to pack more of a punch with detail. The covers for all six issues are stunningly done with issue one being one of my all time favourite covers ( I own four copies) since issue one I’ve been looking for something to say about this title that doesn’t sound like I’m being paid to promote it but there is nothing not to love about this book, the humour and the characters are perfectly placed while the emotion and drama frame the story so well that you read each issue and need the next right away, I’ll be re reading this again now I have all six and I know I’ll love it even more.

If you’re looking for a zombie book that isn’t all doom and gloom or slapstick but rather a smart mix of serious and fun then Self Storage is the title for you. With only six issues it’s not a huge investment but it will be an amazing addition to any collection. I can not recommend this whole run highly enough, it’s been my must read since issue one.

A sad farewell and a massive well done to Clay McLeod for a story that made me laugh and cry and a huge high-five to Matt Timson on an amazing job with the art, You guys rock and I can’t wait to see what you do next. Finally a big thank you to 451 media for allowing me to review this title. You all have made me very happy and now very sad to say goodbye.


Self Storage #6
Written and Created by Clay McLeod Chapman
Illustrated by Matt Timson
Letters by Eugenio Perez Jr.
Published by 451 media
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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