REVIEW: Sex Criminals #11

Written By Matt Fraction
Art By Chip Zdarsky

Meta Masturbation

The thing with Indie comics that’s such a drag is that they are not bound to a rigorous schedule.  This works in the sence that they can take the time to tell the story they want, and never have to rush something out to make a deadline.  But the down side is sometimes that space between issues can kill a comic’s momentum.  Hey, I’m still waiting for the next issue of Battle Chasers (seriously, Joe, get on that).

The best part of Matt Fractions tale of Two 20 something’s who stop time when they orgasm, and use this power to rob banks, is that it doesn’t take itself seriously.  I mean how could it?

Sex Criminals doesn’t pick up exactly where we left off,  which is good cause honestly, I wasn’t exactly sure where we left off.  Instead we are introduced to Douglas D Douglas.  Douggie D is an Orderly at an old folks home in Miami.  We are along for a ride in his mundane life as he narrates to the reader like he’s Peter Parker.  But Doug is not peter Parker.  Doug is just a nice, boring, guy.

Once we are familiar with Doug, were shown our heroes.  Exactly where we left them at the university where Prof Kincade, Suzie, and Jon are reviewing the list of sexually powered individuals they lifted from the sex police’s secret headquarters.  You see why we can’t take this book seriously now?

Fractions on point the whole issue with his constant breaking of the 4th wall. Either directly, as he literally shows the reader blank panels and explains his artist would have spent too long drawing too many jokes in a supermarket to warrant actually taking the time to draw it, so he asks us just to imagine the inside of the store.  Or through Suzie,  our window into this world, who narrates to the reader through word blocks, and the occasional Zach Morris style turning to the “camera”

What I liked about this issue was it felt the story is finally moving in full gear.  While Sex criminals is always a fun read,  it has always felt like a ride around the block in a convertible, instead of a trip across the country.  Now that Jon and Suzie have a list of others like them, they are on the road looking for others.  Hopefully to assemble a Sex fueled super hero team.

Sex Criminals is worth the read if you have fallen off or forgotten about the book in its absence.  But if you’re looking to jump in fresh you might be better served to pick up a few back issues.

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