S.F.C. or Super Fighting Championship is one of those concepts that seems so obvious you smack yourself on the forehead and say “Why didn’t I think of that?!?” Think WWE meets UFC meets superhero fighters. It’s simple right? There should be a million ways to pull this off so it will be interesting to see what Evoluzione does with their property in the future. This has the potential to turn into something if handled the right way.

The story focuses more on the behind the scenes than the action in the arena. I give points to these young creators for not taking the easy way out, go for the characterization instead of the action. We meet a few of the fighters, there is the old veteran who is getting ready to retire, there is the hot young female fighter who is creating a buzz, then there are a collection of background characters that I’m sure we will get to meet in future installments.

As a fan of both WWE and UFC this was right up my alley. I would like to point out that readers will need to brush up on their wrestling slang, not everyone that picks this book up may be familiar with terms like heat, face, and heel. Reading this book was like getting a backstage pass to the WWE to watch the creative writers and managers decide who is going to win and lose. It was a unique perspective.

I balked at the credits when I first looked at this issue. It takes four people to write this? Usually too many cooks in the kitchen will ruin a book, but this team was able to hold it together. My gripe comes with having so many people on the book … you would think that the dialog in certain spots would be better and I also caught a couple of typos.

The art for the main story was alright. Not good, but not terrible. I was far more impressed with the artists that provided visuals to the backup stories. If Vittorio Garofoli doesn’t get picked up by the larger Indy publishers within the next year I will eat your shoe. His work is pro level and ready to breakout. I really dug the art on the last segment of this book. If anyone at Evoluzione is paying attention they need to lock this guy into a long-term contract ASAP because he is the work horse you need to be investing in. Make him the main artists on this title NOW!

This concept with a higher level of art could propel this book forward in a major way. Now if the think tank of writers can find a way to really make this book stand out with some amazing attention grabbing storylines then this idea could easily fit into the multimedia marketing machine that other larger companies have. This could be an entertaining cartoon or toy line. There is merchandise to be had here, but it all comes down to the execution.

Final Thoughts: A unique idea that has massive potential, but I’m still not sold. I’ll wait and see what happens next before I herald this series as anything more than it is; a cool concept that needs work.

Final Grade: 3 stars

SFC #1
Story: Marcel Dupree, John Griz, Julien Kohlman, and Guido Martinez
Script: Julien Kohlman and Guido Martinez
Art: Lucas Perdomo, Mauri, Vittorio Garofoli
Colors: Marco Pagnotta
Letters: Brant Fowler
Publisher: Evoluzione Publishing

Can be purchased at: SFC

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