REVIEW: Sherlock- The Great Game #4: The Great Game is a Great Book.

I have been a big fan of the BBC series Sherlock since it’s first episode aired and a fan of the character since I was in elementary school (no pun intended).  Sherlock- The Great Game #4 continues to adapt the BBC television series’ third episode and in a way that I believe Sherlock himself would find interesting.

The book is adapted from the script by television series co-creator Mark Gatiss, who brought this incarnation of Sherlock Holmes to the small screen along with Steven Moffat (a very familiar name to the Doctor Who fans out there). Jay., who provides the art for the book, worked off of the television script by Gatiss and used a manga style. The interesting thing is the formatting, which was done in the original right to left as it appeared when originally produced and published in Japan by Kadokawa. As someone who is not used to reading right to left, it took a little getting used to, but was much easier to follow than I thought it would be.

The story follows Sherlock and Watson as they seek to solve a case where a madman ( I won’t give away the identity of their opponent in case you haven’t seen or read the story yet, but it is a classic nemesis) is playing a game with Sherlock using human hostage bombs.  This issue picks up just after Sherlock has successfully completed the third challenge.  The first two victims were released once Sherlock solved the puzzles related to them, but the third victim did something the others did not and it cost her and eleven other people their lives. She started to describe her captor’s voice and since that individual did not wish to have their identity revealed just yet they detonated her bomb to silence her.

Being a mystery story I am not going to tell you the plot details of this issue, but I will say it is worth your time to read it yourself and find out. If you are a fan of the show and are looking for more Sherlock then this book would be perfect for you and if you have never watched the show, this might inspire you to change that and tune in. The format also makes this book a great choice for manga fans, especially those who prefer the original Japanese right to left format.

Should you read this issue?


Story: 4
Art: 3
Overall Rating: 3.5

(W) Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat (A) Jay (CA) Photo, Will Brooks

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