REVIEW: Shutter #23

This comic should be good. No really it should be an epic story of characters lives intertwined and journeys across Sci Fi landscapes populated by weird and wonderful chimera like critters.

But it’s not.

I looked at it at first because it’s named after a Thai Horror flick I can’t watch on my own and it looked intensely interesting,  A few pages in and I was lost, had no idea who any one was, what they were doing and the art work was like being in a half lit room full of mud. That glimpse of wonder that lured me in had scampered off laughing at me all the way.

Forget the writing, I’m sure some will like it.

The art is very distracting. There’s real effort gone into detail but not really in the design, just sticking an animal head on someone isn’t enough. There’s one too many pages of talking heads but the story telling helps them focus your interest. The colours though are bloody awful. The colours are all muddy and lack any vibrancy and without contrast, the pages look like someone used what’s left on the nursery floor after a toddlers had a go at finger painting.

It’s obviously made with some passion and love, but for everything it promises it just doesn’t deliver.

By Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Duca, published by Image.

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