REVIEW: Silk #7

(W) Robbie Thompson (A) Tana Ford (CA) Dave Johnson

I have a confession to make.  I, being of sound mind and somewhat reliable body, was sucked into the whole new Spider characters that emerged from last years Spider Universe event.  I picked up Spider-Woman, despite the ongoing crossovers and saw it change into a fun read; I dropped Spider-Gwen almost immediately and then there was Silk.  Silk lasted a few more issue than Gwen but eventually I hit the drop button.

With Silk, it wasn’t that the books were bad per se. The first arch had her powers on the flutz and trying to find her place in the big bad city.  Not bad right, but Ms Marvel (before getting promoted to Captain) was doing it better with a tongue-in-cheek script and better art.  However, with the Marvel Universe facing destruction, I thought I would check in for her Last Days.

So, the world is ending, with an alternative Earth popping up and a war started.  With the final hours of existence, we find people doing the right thing.  In this case, its Jonah supplying Cindy some information that’s potentially about her long lost brother.  This being a Spider book you pretty much know that with great power, comes a soul shattering incident to  show the responsibility of said power.  This issue is  pretty much true to form as despite her own needs, Cindy stops and saves people, saves people and saves more people.  Does she get to where she needs to be?  Is it her brother?

Written by Robbie Thompson the book is a good-bye of sorts, with one of the driving elements behind Cindy’s job at the Bugle coming to an end.  Thompson does well not to fall into a well seen and oft referenced Spider scene for which I am grateful.  Script wise, the book is ok with Cindy showing her Spider-mettle rather than her Spider powers.

Art is by Tana Ford and unfortunately doesn’t really do anything for me.  I can see that Ford has produced a book with its own style, even if it s following the trend of a slew of artists on books like, Dr Fate, Batgirl, Black Canary to name a few.  It’s that style that I don’t find attractive.  It just seems a tad inconsistent.  Look at Jonah, the panels, on page 7 that feature him are far more detailed than those with Cindy.  Other panels seems out of perspective at various places to the point where its distracting.

For those that like this book, I am sure that the closure of the series will bring bittersweet feelings.  As for me, I can appreciate this issue in particular, but Spider-Woman will still be the only Spider book on my pull list.


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