Review: Silver Surfer #13

A space opera in its most romantic sense, Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood soar into our hearts in this 13th issue. This series has very much been a return to the original Silver Surfer and this issue is a perfect exemplar of that sentiment. After the death of her father in the previous issue, this issue starts with Dawn asking Norrin to take her back in time so that she can say good-bye to him. I would say that this travel through time has unforeseen consequences, but, in this case, the issue is perfectly encapsulated with it starting right where it ends, thus making the title “Timeless” particularly apt. Suffice to say, that this issue tells a story much longer than should be possible in 28 pages and it does so brilliantly.

This is an issue where the main storyline takes place before Galactus and before Earth. On yet another doomed planet, Norrin finds himself in yet another deep love story. This is the Silver Surfer that Jack Kirby and, later, Stan Lee created. Storytellers Dan Slott and Michael Allred do such a good job capturing the moments our characters spend on Taa in this issue that I don’t even mind the occasional awkward or fragment filled wording. The way in which Norrin and Dawn’s discussion of how to handle Galen is a real high point as it captures each character’s perspectives quite effectively and shows why these two are together.

Even more than usual, the art is breathtaking. The husband and wife team of Michael and Laura Allred do great work together and they are at their finest in this issue. The warped lines in panels and in the paneling itself make it feel like they really are traveling though space and time. The transition between the Kirby Krakle to half-tone like aesthetics make the issue look both modern and classic. Laura Allred’s colors shine quite literally as the colors from the especially psychedelic backgrounds reflect off of Silver Surfer’s skin. Her wide palate of colors is one of the things that helps the art capture that classic Kirby feel. Joe Sabino’s lettering is also very well done. His choice to make Queen of Nevers’ word balloons and narration box green is wonderfully atmospheric and the shift to the boxes when Norrin is narrating towards the end echo the omniscient quality that Lee nailed with the classic character.

After the last issue’s focus on death and mourning, this issue relflects on living a full life and embracing love. There is so much that I wish I could talk about, but I don’t want to ruin anything more than I have to. Go out and read it. Trust me. It is a beautiful piece of art that can be enjoyed all on its own or within the larger story line. Five Stars!!! 

(W) Dan Slott (A/CA) Mike Allred

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