REVIEW: Sinestro #13

Written by Cullen Bunn, art by Andrew Hennessy & Brad Walker

I’m a comic enthusiast first and a Marvel fan second. I stopped reading DC when Batwoman ended and haven’t found a way back in since. So when a bunch wound up in Dropbox I thought ‘Bloody hell, Sinestro is still going?’.

The story is part of a big picture that’s told well enough that you don’t feel lost in space. Sinestro is a compelling character, a narcissistic cad out to make himself the hero and he seems to have a good cast around him. Part of the story does leave you scratching your head a bit but not down to the bone.

Cullen Bunn’s writing is the best part here and he either really enjoys chess or he doesn’t care about potential plot holes, not having read 1-12 I will give it the benefit of the doubt. Sinestro doesn’t twirl his moustache so much as peoples emotions, and it’s quite fun it’s all intended.

The art by Andrew Hennessy & Brad Walker mmm. It’s like eating a meatfeast pizza prepared by Blind Pue, all the chilli beef is on one slice. I would have sacrificed some of the well detailed wide shots and full pages for some consistency, specifically with faces.

Not a bad comic though, fascinating to see a villain carry his own book so well. Still not going to buy it but I’d pick a trade up if it was going cheap.

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