REVIEW: Sinestro #20

STORY BY Cullen Bunn, ART BY Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, Livesay, Published by DC

Sigh, well I was hoping to review a shit comic but I’ll be honest this wasn’t half bad. It’s irritating because I always liked the whole Green Lantern concept but I’ve never felt it’s been done as well as this for a long time and it’s made a lot more interesting by being about Sinestro and his Yellow Lantern corp. He does some cool stuff in this that I won’t spoil, but there’s some genuine character work, a bit of cool action and some proper out the box storytelling that wouldn’t work half as well with Hal Jordan.

The writing is a bit wordy but never a chore to read, Sinestro (as I’ve mentioned before) is actually a deep character. There’s some cute characterisation and some genuine fist pumping moments I would have got more out of if I’d been reading this series for longer.

The art could do with a tidy, it’s a bit too action packed in places but never actually bad, even though the perspective is so forced on a few splash pages I’m not entirely sure the characters aren’t just being sucked into a black hole.

If you’re reading this, lucky you I can only hope Green Lantern gets as good.


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