REVIEW: Six Pack and Dog Welder: Hard Travelin’ Heroz #6 of 6

Garth Ennis forgot Constantine was a scouser. The irritating, over the top cockney thing he insists on writing for Constantine is, in rhyming slang, ducking height.

That aside this was OK. Not the magical return of the prolific writer to DC and the disposable characters he invented for a piss take in the mid nineties, but when it’s not stretching a joke about Constantine fucking a Shogoth (or whatever it is) for waaay too long, it’s a solid enough read involving characters you almost care about by the end of it.

The art has a strong indy slant, all the arms, legs and tentacles are were they should be but there’s always a problem when it comes to stories taking place this close to the Sun. There’s very little sense that the Sun is in fact bastard huge. It’s also not yellow.

But, scale and accents aside if you enjoyed this in the nineties you’ll enjoy it now.

Six Pack and Dog Welder: Hard Travelin’ Heroz #6 of 6
Written by Garth Ennis, art by Russ Braun, published by DC

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