REVIEW: Skullboy Vol. 1

G’Day All!

This is Dodgy86 in the mix, today I bring you Skullboy Volume 1 by Jacob Chabot, Publisher: Dark Horse comics

This is a series of short stories about The Mighty Skullboy Army consist Skullboy who is the titular character, a school kid with the ambition of world domination and CEO of Skull Co, Unit 1 Skullboy’s reliable right-hand-man, he is in the form of a vintage toy robot and Unit 2, the third member who is a lab monkey who’s reliability is questionable. This ragtag team, can they work together? Are they set for world domination? Whilst not skipping school and avoiding detention.

This book has it all, a giant killer lobster and a lab-tested carnivorous turnip to begin. There is also supporting characters Kevin, Skullboy’s eager to please intern. Booger Ralph well.. you can guess the reason for his name, he’s Skullboy’s classmate who wishes to join Skull Co. And lastly Mod Dog who is a flying dog who wears a cape and is Skullboy’s arch-nemesis!

This book is a whole lotta fun and it’s an easy read for both young and old; each story is approximately 5-10 pages long. Cabot’s art and pacing provides a consistency from story to story.

If you intend to rule the world.. do ya’self a favor and check this out now!

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