Review: Skybourne #5

A day has arrived that I had, quite frankly, given up on. Frank Cho’s Skybourne #5 is on the shelves of comics book stores! If you are having a hard time remembering the title, I don’t blame you. This issue arrived seven months after #4 came out last summer. There was a six month gap between that and issue #3.

There are two questions you should be asking yourself: Is it worth the wait? What the hell was going on here, again? Let’s take them in reverse order.

The Skybournes are the immortal children of Lazarus after he returned from the dead. They work for a super secret organization that keeps mystical relics under guard to protect the world from their power and misuse. They also take out any threats to humanity along the way.

But now one of the biggest threats to humanity, the wizard Merlin (Yes, THAT Merlin) has made his way into the stronghold, Despite their best efforts, which included taking out minotaurs, centaurs and every monster that you can think of, Skybourne was unable to stop Merlin from unlocking Pandora’s gate.

If the Skybournes can’t think of a way to close it, ancient evil beings will burst through and feast on seven billion souls. Then things will get bad.

Before they can get to that, Thomas and Grace still have to find a way to stop Merlin. Oh and there is a ticking clock, because the human are going to set off a nuke in the hope that will slow down the ancient ones from the other side of the gate.

Frank Cho is essentially a one man show on this book. He wrote it. He drew it. He inked it. If you love his art, you are buying this book. He effectively uses every panel to show off his skills to the best effect. You get tension in the standoffs.You get plenty of action highlighted with gore. And he still works in a boob shot. This book was delayed to give Cho time to do his best work and he delivers.

If you are looking for a complex, multi-layered story, you should have figured out by now that Cho (Guardians of the Galaxy, Apes & Babes, Savage Wolverine) doesn’t have the writing skills for that. He delivers a great action plot, but there is little depth that has been developed since the second book.

This is a strong ending to a strong action book. It’s a lot of fun. It delivers a number of good twists. It is a good concept and a well executed series. There are a lot of books out there where you wonder, is this worth $3.99? This series started strong out of the gate and remained intense through the finish.

Writer: Frank Cho
Artist: Frank Cho
Colorist: Marcio Menyz
Publisher: Boom! Studios

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