REVIEW: Slab #5

In keeping with the current craze over at Double Take, Slab is another book based on the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead. Sadly, I have not seen this movie, so whatever hidden details the copious amount of creators managed to sneak in was lost. Meaning that the entire nostalgia factor had no effect, which leaves every bit of entertainment up to the creators; and believe me there were plenty of those. For 23 pages, this book had three writers, three-line artists, and FIVE colorists. Why? I have no clue, and unfortunately even 11 creators could not bring this book up above two stars for me.

I mean, not all of this book was awful. The art was actually really good, especially the coloring. So at least this book had that going for it. There was some decent flow and pacing from panel to panel, and there was a ton of movement.

However, the writing was just… bloated. Both in the story and the dialogue. For some reason the editorial team thought that there was no problem having aliens, zombies, and government conspiracies all in the same book. I hate sounding like a Plot Nazi, so let me change gears. I would suggest that instead of throwing up all of the details everywhere, and all at once, trickle information on a need to know basis. The same goes for the dialogue. No one wants to read 15 straight pages, in a comic book, of an intricate pseudo-biology lecture, which involves the pathology of a fictional zombie virus. It is superfluous.

I am going to end the review here, before I start being mean for no reason. To recap, the art was amazing, but the writing needs a ton of work; from both the editorial team and the writing team. It was a little over the top to have 11 creators for a 23 page comic book, but who am I to limit creative teamwork? I would not suggest buying this book unless you are a die-hard Night of the Living Dead or Double Take fan. Slab #5 gets 2 out of 5 stars.

(W) Brian Finkelstein (A) Marco Cosentino (CA) Chun Lo


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