REVIEW: Sleepy Hollow Origins #1

STORY BY: Mike Johnson
ART BY: Matias Bergara
COLORS BY: Tamra Bonvillain
LETTERS BY: Jim Campbell
COVER BY: Joe Quinones
PUBLISHER: Boom! Studios
Release Date: 04/08/205

What a strange premise. Here we have  comic, based on the TV show, which is based on the movie, which is based on a book. Got that?

Despite it’s somewhat convoluted path, the fact it boasts working with series writers does lend some credibility. But for me, I would still be a tad concerned, that the show, could dance to a different beat without any consideration to the comic book.  I do have an issue with comics that end up becoming adverts for other media rather than celebrate the versatility of their own medium.

Back to the book, and we have short stories meant to add weight to a variety of characters from the show including Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny,watching their lives just prior to the first episode of season one.  Having watched a few of the episodes, I have to say that the book doesn’t add that much at all.

Mike Johnson is the writer on hand and having worked on other licenced properties such as Star Trek, is able to weave his tales into the TV cannon without having the sort of impact that would have fans of the show running for cover.  Art is supplied by Matias Bergara, who on a book like this, only has to make the characters recognisable to the shows fans. As such, he is only partly successful. Of the characters on show, Abbie is probably the most accurate, with Corbin and Ichabod probably the least successful.

Whilst I can see the attraction of the advertised collaboration with show writers, I would have preferred to have wholly original stories. Everything in the book has been alluded to previously on the show, so it may seem a little bit of a conceit to wrap up the same menu in a different wrapper.

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