Review: Snotgirl #8 The Boys Issue

In Snotgirl #8, The Boys Issue, readers get an opportunity to spend a complete day with Sunny. If you’ve not followed the series, Sunny is the ex-boyfriend of Lottie (Snotgirl) and he is currently dating her former intern Charlene. Charlene has been having a tough go of it since she fell off a building on New Year’s Eve.
Sunny is spending his day with Ashley, who is Meg’s rich fiancé, and pretty much a total jerk. The two young men spend an afternoon at the health club playing Squash in an attempt to get to know each other better. Ashley really comes across as that drunk guy at parties who has no filter. He is disrespectful and crude. Sunny seems to be spending most of his time trying to gently disagree with Ashley on almost everything.

If this sounds like it has the makings of a teen drama soap opera, it does. This Image Comics offering takes the best and worst from TV shows like Riverdale and adds a liberal amount of Japanese anime stylings to find its unique voice in the world. Writer Bryan Lee O’Malley has a distinctive way to wrap the humor and young adult drama into a nice package. This issue wasted no time piquing my curiosity, as the first page is quite peculiar.

The true stars of the book come in the team of artist Leslie Hung and colorist Rachael Cohen. Make no mistake, this is a beautiful comic book. The color work by Cohen is top-notch. For fans of anime, the drawing style of Hung will seem familiar, but paired with the color work of Cohen, the work is second to none.

Snotgirl #8 sets out to do what is intended in this issue. It allows a glimpse into the day of its male characters. You see them for who they really are when nobody else is around. You hear the locker room talk and learn than not everyone is completely comfortable with it. This is all done within the overall ongoing story and seems like it could be important as Ashley and Meg approach their wedding. If you’re a fan of this series, you’ll find this to be a fun issue. If you’ve never read Snotgirl, but love soap opera style drama sprinkled with humorous interludes, then I would recommend giving this issue a look.

(W) Bryan Lee O’Malley (A/CA) Leslie Hung

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