REVIEW: Snow Blind #1 (of 4)

STORY BY Ollie Masters
ART BY Tyler Jenkins

Teddy Muffins has issues.  Apart from a taste in bad authors; although Chandler does get name checked; he feels out of touch in his small secluded life, a sometime pariah in and out of his family’s home.

Snow Blind is the story of the expectations of normalcy giving way to the half-truths of an unfulfilled reality.  The paraphrase from the book that Teddy “borrows” from his library in an out of hours manner, gives some idea as to what is waiting for him.

Ollie Masters is the author of the series.  The Brighton based writer has previously worked on the Vertigo Comics mini series The Kitchen.  As such he is used to taking a certain set of circumstances and turning it on its head.  What you do if things that you took for granted about your family, were pulled  out from under your feet?  In Teddy, we get to see this happen and as voracious viewers waiting for the impending doom, we can not avert our eyes.  This is becausesnow1 Masters creates a world that seems familiar, with people we want to trust such as Teddy and people we don’t such as his Dad and so-called friends.  It’s a situation we have seen plenty of times, but under Masters’ pen, the situations a re not diluted in the least.

Painting the world as a desolate place, falls to artist Tyler Jenkins, who has a quirky style that somehow manages to convey the emotion of the situations, despite a lack of focus on facial expressions, instead going to posture and motion to show feelings. Even though I like the art I do wish that certain things were more consistent, the body size of Teddy’s Dad for example.  Jenkins is also responsible for the color scheme of the book, effectively going for cold and bleak and pretty much nailing it.

This issue is a great start to the series.  The title, may well refer to each characters own personal blindness, caused by looking at the their own environment for way too long.  As such, they and by extension the reader, may well be in for a few surprises, that we may not see coming.  If that’s the case, I am looking forward to finding out.


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