REVIEW: Snowfall #4

Written by Joe Harris, art by Martìn Morazzo, published by DC Comics

It took a couple of reads to get into this but I think that’s a good thing in hindsite. It’s set after an ecological disaster has befallen the Earth and everyone is looking for the scientist known as the White Wizard who is wrongly accused of causing it. There’s quite a lot going on in and it’s delivered in an unforgiving style as far as the writing goes.

Mr Harris uses his own brand of futuristic slang for the street gangs trying to survive the flooded lands and he’s not shy of using techno babble either, but when you’ve gone through it twice you find a touching story of one man trying to fix the wrong he didn’t cause for the sake of his daughter. There’s a re-cap to, which is almost as unforgiving as the story itself but it’s there and it helps.

Mr Morazzo’s line work is thin and delicate and suits the themes of the comic perfectly. His storytelling is a bit week in places but again the second read through is more a pleasure than a chore. Kelly Fitzpatrick’s colours are excellent, from the freezing blues to the warm oranges of the White Wizards memories, everything is done in a kind of digital pastel, all bright atmospheric. Makes a pleasant change from some of the miserable crap I’ve read recently.

So while it shows no mercy in its delivery it’s well worth a second read to really get into it.

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