Review: Something is Killing the Children #1

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If you’ve been keeping up with comics in recent years, you’ll have noticed a strong horror theme that has been spreading. For part of this we can certainly thank James Tynion IV who has been happily spreading evil, and monsters, and now we get to enjoy his latest effort, Something Is Killing The Children #1.

When I started reading’ Something Is Killing The Children’, on the surface it seems like a straight shot horror story; A town is terrorized by a mysterious monster that only one child has seen, and then a mysterious figure who goes from town killing whatever monsters shows up to try to save the day. But this was written by James Tynion IV, and we know for a fact that he tries to incorporate the queer community into all of his work, and he sometimes allegorically integrates queer themes with the monster character— specifically the sympathetic monsters.  So it got me rereading into the possible metaphors built into some of the narrative choices that he has made and there is something there.

Just because it has the word ‘children in it doesnt mean it is in any shape or form for kids.  Werther Dell’Edera’s art is as gory as it comes, and does an excellent job giving clarity to the events. As any comic book fan can attest, color is extremely important; not just for grabbing your attention, but for communicating mood and intent. So, it should come as no surprise that in Something Is Killing The Children #1  that the color palette used by Miquel Muerto will be extremely important and deliberate going forward.

 Something is killing the Children is probably the worst kept secret, because weeks before the first issue came out Boom! Studios announced that the comic was being extended to a more permanent from a five-issue limited series, because of a last minute 170 % increase in order from retailers (most likely because of the Jenny Frison Cover C). If that isn’t enough of a vote in confidence it was also announced that the series would going to a fourth printing.  Once again that was a week before the first issue was even released.
The fact is if there is going to be a book that gets Tynion more exposure outside the comic book community this is going to be it.  Simply put Tynion is putting on a clinic on how to integrate a sociopolitical issue with the proper gravitas while making it entertaining.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a more relevant title or intriguing title on the shelf this week.
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Writer(s): James Tynion IV (The BackStagers, Justice League and Dark Nights: Metal ,WONDER WOMAN AND THE JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: THE WITCHING HOUR
Artist(s):Werther Dell’Edera (Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business) Artist(s):Werther Dell’Edera (Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business)
Colored by: Miquel Muerto Colored by: Miquel Muerto
Lettered by: Andworld Design Lettered by: Andworld Design
BOOM! Studios BOOM! Studios
Cover A Regular Werther Dell Edera Cover
Cover C Variant Jenny Frison Cover