REVIEW: Sonic the Hedgehog #265 Control ­ Part 2

Writer: Ian Flynn
Pencils: Tyson Hesse
Ji.ks: Terry Austin
Colors: Gabriel Cassata
Letters: John Workman
Publisher: Archie Comics Publication


The Shattered World Crisis is upon us! It would be dangerous enough with the planet’s crust
broken and free­floating, but from the depths of the globe a dark essence has been seeping out.
People grow angry, depressed, and lose their inhibitions. Even worse, monsters appear every
night to attack! Sonic received a concentrated dose of this Dark Gaia energy, and his usual cool
attitude has seemed strained lately. During a mission to retrieve a Chaos Emerald, Sonic and
his friends were ambushed by Egg Boss Thunderbolt and her Egg Army unit. As Sonic watched
his friends fall to Thunderbolt’s fiendish trap, he lost all composure, and something else was

Another really exciting comic here! We all liked Sonic; Defeat Eggman, free the animals, find the
chaos emeralds were the goals remembered from the days of Sega. However, there was more
to Sonic behind running super fast and eating hotdogs. There’s actual story plot, and it exceeds
beyond the lives of Sonic, Tails, and even Knuckles. This series is the story that the video
games can’t really get into.

Although there is a villain, Sonic is for the first time, is the forefront threat. Suffering from a
condition the turns him into a ruthless were­hedgehog, Sonic’s perception is twisted. Although
his friends are trying to help him make good choices, that’ snot what he sees, making for a
difficult adversary.

This comic introduces new characters from the game, showing a community of heroes. It’s why
everyone likes stories like X­Men, Justice League, and Teen Titans. A team of heroes suggest a
problem much larger than one hero can handle. If you’re playing the Sonic video games and
wonder where all of these extra characters are coming from, you need to read the comics!
The art is wonderful, and it’s refreshing to see artistic paneling. The only criticism I have are the
plethora of fonts littered throughout the first two pages, but it does calm down as I continue to
read the issue.

You want nostalgia that gets you hooked with story? This series is great for you!

Rating: 4 1/2 /5


By Tyrone Selby

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