Review : Sonic Universe # 78

G’day Gamers!

Dodgy86 is back in the mix, bringing you another comic book review. Today I bring you Sonic Universe # 78 by Ian Flynn with art by Tyson Hesse and Jim Amash!

Worlds Unite part 9 :

The Team of Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Capcom’s Mega Man’s allies are still in the depth of Sigma’s army “Endless Legions of Resurrected Mavericks”..

The turmoil intensifies as Sigma’s army expands beyond their worlds…
Teams of two (each from team Sonic/Team Mega Man) seek out Sigma’s minions until they reach The worlds of Alex Kidd’s Miracle World; Ghost and Goblins; Nights into Dreams and Street Fighter are now involved in fighting the same enemy…

Growing up in the 90’s this brought back wonderful memories of my Saga Master System II, Sega Genesis (Mega Drive in Australia) and the Sega Saturn games I owned as a kid. The art by Hesse and Amash bring one dimensional characters of Sega and Capcom games to life; and Flynn’s humour makes it more enjoyable.

Thank you Archie for the nostalgia!!

Pull out your console and plug in your controller, Do ya’self a favour and play this game!

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