REVIEW: Sons of Anarchy : Redwood Original #3

Sons of Anarchy was a staple in our house. My step daughter was hooked on actor Charlie Hunnam, as were most red-blooded American women. So I’ve seen most of the seven seasons that this American biker drama had to offer. That knowledge comes in handy when it comes to reviewing this glimpse into the early days of SAMCRO.

Redwood Original takes us back to the days before the show started. Its epilogue time and we are catching up with the cast. The inherent trouble with prologue material is that readers already know where these characters are when we were introduced to them in the TV series. It largely takes away the element of surprise. So a writer that takes on a project like this has to work extra hard to either build an outside universe that we as the TV viewing audience knew nothing about, or just give us stories that reflect the tone of what is yet to come—or you can do what Ollie Masters did a find a way to do a little bit of both.

It can be entertaining to watch the seeds being planted that will mature and flourish later on, like the distrust between Jax and Clay, the cunning way that Gemma gets her little moments of revenge, how the dynamic of the club came to be. All these little moments can give the reader insight into the inner workings of characters later in the series.

The artwork is on point. The characters look like their television counterparts. The pacing of each page and panel is well thought out and it leaves the reader feeling like they stepped back into the show.

Final thoughts Fans rejoice! You have another chance to ride with the Sons. While this may not catch the attention of your average comic reader, there are a lot of good things about this comic to check out.

Final Grade- 3 stars

Sons of Anarchy : Redwood Original #3
Story: Ollie Masters
Art: Luca Pizzari
Colors: Adam Metcalfe
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Publisher: Boom Studios

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